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about high5 energy drinks

Energy Drink is a scientifically formulated carbohydrate and electrolyte solution to help you sustain your performance and enhance your hydration during endurance exercise.

During endurance exercise your body needs carbohydrates for energy to help maintain your performance. You may also become dehydrated if you do not replace the water and electrolytes lost through sweat.

Research on traditional sports drinks suggests that you can only consume 60g carbohydrate per hour, however, because Energy Drink is a 2:1 fructose mix, you can consume substantially more carbohydrates – up to 90g per hour in fact. That means you get 50% more energy!

(If you need a slight boost, Energy Drink Caffeine has 28mg of caffeine per 500ml serving)

Energy Drink Caffeine Hit is a variation of our Energy Drink that has been formulated with a high dose of caffeine to help you increase your performance during exercise.

In the search for a boost in performance, caffeine can help deliver the extra kick you need. Caffeine stimulates the brain, lowering your perception of effort and helping you train harder and longer. It contributes to clearer thinking and greater concentration.

Slow Release Energy Drink is a refreshing low GI Sports Drink for longer-lasting energy. Enhanced with Ocean Minerals for an invigorating hit of magnesium and over 70 minerals and trace elements. This avoids spiking blood sugar levels and the insulin response that comes with other sugar-containing products.

With over 25 years of experience, all HIGH5 Energy Drinks contain natural flavourings and no colourings or artificial sweeteners. They have been scientifically formulated, tested by pros and contain no banned substances - it is a product you can trust.

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