ABOUT scicon®

SCICON Sports boast over 20 years in the cycling business. During this time, SCICON have built a reputation as the leaders in bike travel bags and bike travel accessories. Pro pelotons around the world travel religiously with the SCICON Aerocomfort 3.0 as it has proven time and time again to be the most convenient and reliable cycling travel bag to get your precious bicycle to the desired destination in one piece. In recent years SCICON have made waves around the world with their successful expansion into new markets, including cycling sunglasses and cycling performance eyewear as well as other cycling accessories. SCICON owes much of it’s success to the relentless pursuit of top tier quality products through innovative design and testing. Again, SCICON Eyewear has become the sunglasses of choice for many professional teams, including the 2020 Tour De France winner Tadej Pogačar from team UAE. If you need top quality cycling travel gear, or would like to up your performance on the bike – SCICON is for you.


scicon® EYEWEAR