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The Carbon base layer is produced with the unique FtexCarbonFiber™ material and usually worn under your running or cycling jersey.

It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities as well as any season of the year. Key features include: lightweight, breathable and insulating. Absorbs and disperses the electrical charges accumulated from the outside during physical activity, speeds up the evaporation of sweat, and decreases the concentration of lactic acid. Offers maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Ftech is an Italian cycling clothing brand that was founded in January 2008 with the production facility situated in Bassano del Grappa (Veneto region in the North of Italy). They are bound to their customers through a shared passion for cycling and therefore commit to meet and produce the precise needs of their customers.

Once graphic designs are approved, production can start. Materials are laser cut, and thermoprinting applied with absolute precision. Stitching follows which is an equally delicate and complicated process. Many years of sewing experience is an absolute requirement to achieve the desired results and to meet our quality control standards.

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