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about high5 trial packs

Whether you are new to Sports Nutrition or stocking up your cupboards, our sport specific trial packs and mixed range tasters are a great way to provide you with the products you need to enjoy your sport more! Try out great tasting sports nutrition products with these handy trial packs.

ZERO Triple Pack is a great pack to test a selection of our great tasting hydration tablets in a mix of flavours. Pack Contents: 3x ZERO (1x Berry, 1x Citrus, 1x Tropical)

ZERO Variety Pack gives you a great selection of our different hydration tablet variations, including ZERO Caffeine Hit and ZERO Protect. Get our hydration tablets in the most popular flavours. Pack Contents: 1x ZERO Citrus, 1x ZERO Caffeine Hit Berry, 1x ZERO Protect Orange & Echinacea

Slow Release Energy Pack contains all the products and flavours of our new Slow Release Energy range, providing you with longer-lasting energy. Enhanced with Ocean Minerals for an invigorating hit of magnesium and over 70 minerals and trace elements. Pack Contents: 2x Slow Release Energy Drink + 2x Slow Release Energy Bar + 2x Energy Gel with Slow Release Carbs

With over 25 years of experience, all HIGH5 Trial Packs are made with real fruits and grains. It contains only natural flavours with no artificial sweeteners or colourings. They have been scientifically formulated, tested by pros and contain no banned substances - it is a product you can trust.

When purchasing from us you receive exclusive deals, the best customer service and the fastest local shipping!