See the world with the SCICON Travel Luggage and Accessories Collection Available Online from ASG The Store

Travel luggage and accessories are used by millions of people around the world to keep personal belongings safe and organised. Travel luggage and accessories include backpacks, roller bags, bike bags, briefcases and more. The protection and security that your travel luggage and accessories offers you is priceless. It is beneficial to purchase high-quality luggage so that you can travel without having to worry about the safety of your belongings. Travel luggage is used by many different types of people for many reasons such as packing for a holiday, business trip or sport event. Travel luggage is also used to pack many different types of items such as clothes, bicycles and your prized possessions.






the SCICON Luggage Collection reserves a special pocket for your helmet. You will never forget your helmet before leaving to travel and your helmet will always be protected while travelling!⁠


Specially designed with every cyclists need in mind, the Scicon Travel Luggage range has more than enough space for all your cycling equipment, clothes & more!


To prevent this inconvenience, the entire SCICON Luggage Collection has a special pocket where you can safely store your glasses – finding them again will be easy and stress-free. ⁠

suspension wheel system

Suspension System Wheels allow a smooth, practical and handy carrying, preventing damages to your belongings by buffering the impacts of the transport jolts.⁠


A TSA padlock ensures the safety of the bike as well as access to the bike travel bag to customs authorities in many International airports across the world.


Shop SCICON backpacks including SCICON Sport Backpack 25L, SCICON Physio Bag, SCICON Overnight Expandable Laptop Briefcase 13-inch, SCICON Race Day Duffel Bag 25L and SCICON Duffel Bag 50L.

The SCICON Sport Backpack 25L offers many handy features. Firstly, a large main compartment with an internal organiser for a laptop and tablet. Secondly, a smaller front compartment for your essentials. Thirdly, two external side pockets with easy entry. Fourthly, solid ergonomic shoulder straps. Lastly, high-visibility details and an anti-transpirant back panel design.

The SCICON Physio Bag was designed with the best World Tour Cycling Teams. It has several useful features. Firstly, solid ergonomic straps making it easy to carry on your shoulder and can be stabilised by a waist belt. Secondly, an anti-transpirant back panel. Thirdly, two giant side pockets for patches and gauze, four medium-sized external side pockets and one upper external pocket. Lastly, a main compartment with two adjustable shelves and three different coloured “drawers” bags.

The SCICON Overnight Expandable Laptop Briefcase 13-inch offers many useful features. Firstly, an expandable middle allowing for helmet & shoe storage. Secondly,  a slide pouch that fits all tablets and 13-inch laptops. Lastly, a velcro name patch for easy customisation and a shoulder sling.

The SCICON Duffel Bags offer ideal features for a busy weekend of training and racing. Firstly, a main compartment for clothes and a padded compartment for your helmet. Secondly, a mesh pocket for your wet items and pockets for your bottles and shoes. Lastly ergonomically designed shoulder straps allowing you to carry it on your back.


The perfect travel accessory for any cycling enthusiast! Whether its a specialised shoe bag to keep your cleats safe and clean or a digital pouch organiser to keep all your cables sorted for business trips – we have everything you could ever need for any type of travel! 

Shop our wide range of travel luggage accessories including SCICON Sport Pocket Protector for Smartphones, SCICON Travel Passport Wallet, SCICON Helmet Transport Bag, SCICON Digital Organizer Travel Pouch, SCICON Cosmetic Bag, SCICON Spare Lens Keychain Soft Case, SCICON Multi Use Eyewear Soft Case, SCICON Laundry Net, SCICON Cycling Shoe Bag and SCICON Packing Cubes Set. Travel with ease.

Aerocomfort 3.0 series

Bike bags in todays world of cycling are almost as important as your bike. To safely store your road bike, mountain bike and time trial bike, ASG The Store offers you the SCICON Aerocomfort bike bag range. Professional cyclists and teams around the world choose SCICON as a reliable, safe and convenient bike travel bag. Many professional cyclists know the SCICON Aerocomfort 3.0 bike bag as the safest bike bag in the world. Travel safely around the world with your bike.

The SCICON Aerocomfort Triathlon 3.0 TSA bike travel bag, SCICON Aerocomfort Road 3.0 TSA bike travel bag and SCICON Aerocomfort MTB bike travel bag offer several beneficial features. These features are the reason cyclists choose SCICON over a cardboard bike box. Firstly, SCICON bike travel bags offer heavy-duty protection and a lightweight design. Secondly, they are quick and easy to both pack and transport. This means that your SCICON Aerocomfort bike bag has been specifically designed for stress-free dismantling, packing and reassembling your bike. Thirdly, you do not need to remove handlebars. Fourthly, thru-axle compatibility. Fifthly, easy mobility of the bike bag with the SCICON Twin Wheel System. Lastly, Travel Sentry Approved means that your bike will be safely locked away.