SCICON bike bags and cases are tested using the most stringent quality control standards. Prior to launch and sale of any product, we test our products’ strength, durability and dependability based on the demands of the travelling cyclist. Our attention to detail, quality and performance, are key to our success and have subsequently positioned SCICON as the leading brand for bike transportation since 1980.


Scicon offers a two (2) year Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. Scicon will repair or replace, at its discretion any products found to be defective within the scope of normal and appropriate use and are within the Limited Lifetime Warranty covenants, which exclude normal wear. Claims should be presented at the point of initial purchase with proper documentation to validate claims thereunder.


Where to claim a warranty on your Scicon products depends on where you originally purchased the product. Please contact the Authorised Scicon Retailer or Authorised Online Store where you purchased the Scicon product. They will help you with your warranty. If you are unable to contact the store where the item was purchased or if you have purchased from you may contact the Scicon Customer Care via email: [email protected]

Please do not send your product directly backs to us, as this will only delay the warranty claim process. We are not able to accept unauthorised returns. Deliveries of goods sent to us without prior authorisation will be rejected.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty is global, you are however, responsible for all costs of getting the product to the point of purchase or your nearest national service partner including, but not limited to, the cost of packaging, shipping and applicable taxes.


The Scicon Lifetime Limited Warranty covers bike bags and bike cases, that are defective in materials or workmanship (such as defective seams, broken zipper tape…) in the period starting from the date of purchase and the end of life of the product used under normal conditions. For more information and examples concerning Warranties.


Please note the following restrictions applicable to the Scicon Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Under no circumstances the Scicon Limited Lifetime Warranty will allow you to ask for refund of the price paid in case of a damaged or defective product.
  • Damages resulting from abuse (such as tears, cuts and holes in the fabric) and cosmetic damage (such as scratched or stained fabrics) are not covered by the Scicon Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Under no circumstances will Scicon cover incidental or consequential damages (such as damage to or loss of the contents of the bag, loss of use, loss of time and similar expenses).
  • Other damages not covered are damages caused by airlines or other transit damage (such as pressure damage; tears, cuts and holes in the fabric; damage to wheels, locks, handles and other hardware of bags and cases). Damage claims in transit cases should be filed against the carrier.