Saddlebags specially designed compact bags that fit underneath the rear of your saddle. These nifty carry bags house essential spares such as inner tubes, tyre levers, nutrition and even your mobile phone. Never be stranded on the side of the road mid-ride again, with a saddle or frame bag you’ll always have a mobile repair shop with you at all times!


Key Features: 

Roller 2.1 Mounting System 

The patented Roller 2.1 mounting system attaches the saddlebag to the saddle rails without any tools. In comparison to ordinary saddlebags with hook and loop fastening, the Roller 2.1 saddle bags prevent abrasion with your cycling kit.

Integrated Tire Lever 

Built into the Roller 2.1 mounting bracket are two tire levers, complementary with every Roller 2.1 saddlebag of the range. Easily accessible and great for storing real ride essentials, like one inner tube and a patch kit.

Ideal Storage system 

Keep your pockets free from spare inner tubes and tools. With the 2.1 roller system keeping the saddle bag in place, there is more space to store all your essentials. 

Key Features: 

Velcro Mounting System 

Made out of Nylon Ripstop, long lasting material, with high-visibility details, it is
developed to not hinder your ride being discrete and perfectly fitting with your

Lightweight & Durable Material 

Being made out of durable woven Nylon and held tight with strong Velcro strapping all combine to create a light weight alternative to newer mounted saddle bags. 

Ideal Storage system 

Ensure that all your long-ride essentials, like inner tubes, a micro tool, CO2 cartridges, a patch kit and maybe an energy gel or two are always by your side! 

velcro strap mount

How to choose the right saddle bag for you?

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing your on seat companion. Choices vary between the different end uses and needs of each rider, check out our 3-point view to assist with making the right choice!  

Weather conditions

Depending on where you intend to ride, the climate and conditions you ride in a choice often comes down to waterproof or non-waterproof saddle bags. Waterproof saddle bags are often more expensive but if you store valuables such as your phone in your saddle bag its definitely worth the extra investmen. 

Storage Space

Saddle bags generally come in 3 sizes Small, large and “use something else”. In all seriousness, depending on how many spares you think is necessary during your rides will often depict this decision. Generally a smaller saddle bag has enough space for a tube, Co2 & tyre levers.

saddle attachement

One of the most important decisions when it comes to cost, the traditional Velcro Strapped saddle bags are usually less expensive but are prone falling off. While Scicon’s patented 2.1 Roller system ensure a sturdy attachment to ones saddle giving the rider piece of mind during their ride.